Are All-Inclusive Resorts The Right Vacation for You?

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You Might Enjoy an All-Inclusive Resort - Here's Why

My husband and I have rarely traveled to an all-inclusive resort. We've told ourselves that we like to leave the resort to explore, and don't want to be stuck eating at the same restaurant over and over again. Back in time that "one restaurant" deal was true. But now good all-inclusive resorts offer from 6 to 20 or more food venues right on property, including private room service. 

For the next few years travelers will be cautious about travel for health concerns. All-inclusive resorts might be one of the best ways to get away (especially in the holiday and winter season) for a beach vacation that allows you relaxation, fabulous pools and ocean views, and easy ways to distance yourself and your family from other travelers.

  • It's much easier to practice physical distancing on a beach or around a pool than it is in a city or theme park.
  • Ordering food pool-side, ocean-side, or in your room gives you meals without crowded restaurants.
  • You can rent lodging that houses just you and your traveling companions, away from large buildings, if you prefer.

Best of all, there are no big surprises at check out for "extras" that you enjoyed during your vacation. All-inclusive resorts offer quick check-in and check-out with clear communication about what your vacation benefits give you. Depending on the all-inclusive package you pick, your one price includes:

  • Lodging
  • All meals
  • Soft drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuities.

You can usually add on packages that include spa visits, boat rides, or other amenities specific to the property you are visiting. Depending on the lodging you select, your pricing may also include butler service, private lounges and restaurants, a private pool, VIP check-in and check-out, ground transportation to and from the airport, specialty restaurants, or private beach or pool cabanas.

Where can you find all-inclusive resorts?

It use to be that most all-inclusive resorts were only found in Mexico and certain islands of the Caribbean. Now, though, we can help you select an all-inclusive resort on Maui, in the Maldives, in Tahiti, on Bali, and even in Botswana, Africa. New all-inclusive are springing up every year. 

There are many things to consider when you pick which is right for you. Some have better beaches than others. Some include tennis. Some are known for their 5-star dining. Some are all-adult, some are very family friendly. Helping you select what you will enjoy is part of the fun I have as a travel advisor. You may want a short flight, or a place where you can dive. Whatever your preferences, you want to make sure that the property you select will give you the memories and experiences you are looking for.

I believe that all-inclusive properties will be more popular over the coming 18 months. If you plan to try one contact me at Thank you!

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