The Cosy Club


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The Cosy Club

Cosy Club Exeter takes the meaning of the word ‘quirky’ to a different level; the bar is inspired by an operating table and is illuminated with surgical lighting whilst the walls are adorned with oil paintings, taxidermy, anatomical charts, and Eastern Bloc propaganda. Added to which is the usual eclectic mix of reclaimed furniture, opulent Victorian lampshades and original 1960’s Concorde hangar lights and there you have it. The building is split down the middle with the bar to your left as you enter and the restaurant filling the right hand side of the building. There’s also a terrace cantilevered off the back of the building where you’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine during the summer months.


Exeter benefits from being both close to the sea and surrounded by rich agricultural countryside producing fantastic seafood, meat and vegetables right in its own back yard. Not only this, but its long history as a European trading port means there are plenty of international options available when it comes to dining choices.