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Public Transit

Munich has one of the most efficient and comprehensive public transportation systems in Europe, consisting of the U-bahn (subway), the S-bahn (suburban railway), the Strassenbahn (streetcar, also called "Tram"), and buses. Marienplatz forms the heart of the U-bahn and S-bahn network, which operates regularly from around 5 am to 1 am (intermittently in the very early morning, so check times if you’re expecting a long night or early start). The main MVV service counter under Marienplatz sells tickets and gives out information, also in English. The website has excellent and extensive transportation information, also in English.

A basic Einzelfahrkarte (one-way ticket) costs under €2 for a journey of up to four stops (a maximum of two of them using U- or S-bahn), and under €3 for a longer ride in the inner zone. If you're taking a number of trips around the city, save money by buying a Streifenkarte, or multiple 10-strip ticket. On a journey of up to four stops validate one stripe, for the inner zone validate two stripes. If you plan to do several trips during one day, buy a Tageskarte (day card), which allows you to travel anywhere until 6 am the next morning. For a group of up to five there is a Tageskarte for the inner zone and one for all zones. There is also a three-day card for a single person and one for two people. See the MVV website for current prices and options. All tickets must be validated at one of the blue time-stamping machines at the station, or on buses and trams as soon as you board (don't wait till you’ve found a seat; if an inspector’s around you’ll get fined €40 that must be paid on the spot, and they don't care whether you're a tourist or a local). Spot checks for validated tickets are common. All tickets are sold at the blue dispensers at U- and S-bahn stations and at some bus and streetcar stops. Bus drivers have only single tickets (the most expensive kind). Holders of a EurailPass, a Youth Pass, or an Inter-Rail card can travel free on all suburban railway trains (S-bahn) and regional trains. Be forewarned: if caught on an U-bahn, tram, or bus without a normal public-transport ticket, you will be fined €40, with no exceptions.

Munich Transport Corporation. Munich Transport Corporation operates the integrated and extensive subway (U-bahn), bus, and streetcar (tram) system. In cooperation with Munich Transport and Tariff Association (MVV) and its partner companies, the transport system extends to urban rail (S-bahn), regional railway, and other bus operators. For the most part, this complex system manages to run like clockwork. Tickets, maps, schedules, and advice in English are available at this service center. Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), Bahnhofpl. 1--3, Ludwigsvorstadt, Munich, Bavaria, 80335 . 0800/3442--26600; Closed Sunday.


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